All items are sold by timed Public Auction. Sales are accessed through our website; click on the ‘’Current Auctions’’ tab on the home page, also on Ibidder and Bidspotter.co.uk Portals and now through our bidding app designed for Tablets and Phones - search Haddons Online.

Timed sales take place through our partner sites www.Bidspotter.co.uk and www.i-bidder.co.uk. Simply follow the link https://auctions.haddonandjames.co.uk/auctions to take you to all our current timed sales. Choose the sale that you wish to take part in and click on the item you are interested in – you can select from a ‘section’ of the sale on the left hand side menu. The item and description will be displayed and the current price the bidding is at. It will also show how long the item has to go until it finishes.

The item will also show a grading from New to Untested – for more information see http://haddonandjames.co.uk/pages/product-grading-guide. Items marked with a V indicates that the item carries VAT.

To bid simply click on the bid button and decide how much you would like to raise the bidding. The system will then move the bid up to the lowest of your maximum bid taking in to account other buyers’ bids. Sometimes you will be outbid immediately, this is because another bidder has already placed a higher bid and you will have go above that figure to be winning the item. Bids may be placed right up the time the item closes. To ensure fair play, if anyone places a bid in the closing 10 minutes of an item, the system will automatically extend the time by another ten minutes to give other bidders another chance to bid. If you get outbid, it will also send you an email to inform you, but don’t rely on this happening in time as the bidding gets very busy and emails will not be generated fast enough. Always try to monitor the sale.

After the sale has finished, our clerks will download and check the results. An invoice will be sent by email to your registered email address. Also on the invoice are details of how to pay: either direct bank transfer or payment link using the card you registered with. Once paid we will assemble your items for collection or shipping to you.

We can ship most types of items and will automatically add shipping to your invoice when it is sent to you. (Assuming you are not local) If you wish to collect, that’s fine just make payment minus the shipping charge and we’ll expect you. Please collect promptly to avoid storage costs, and check that off site items have arrived with us. There some types of items –ie. Large flat screen televisions and pictures / glass / fragile items that we do not ship for safety reasons. If you ask us to ship these it will be at your risk or these must be collected personally – please note that we will not allow other couriers to collect from us as experience has shown us that this always leads to problems. Our courier shipments will provide a text message or email update to you as the parcels travel through the network.

For UK shipments and most European countries we use DPD. In most cases we can now pack and ship on the day items are paid for or next day. For larger quantities and large items, we ship on pallets via Pallex. This is now usually a next day service from day of pallet packing. Our packing and shipping service is constantly under review and improvement. We use our own branded packaging and recycle our cardboard. Our tape is now natural paper and water based gum embedded with natural security string.

For International shipments we may use a broker service.

For Specialist packing and Sending we recommend either pack&Send or MBE (Mail Boxes Etc)

Our business is very fast moving and we require all bidders to honour the bids they make. If a winning bidder did not pay for the lots they won, this would be very unfair on under-bidders who would have bought the lots. The deposit ensures that only genuine bidders take part. The deposit is forfeited if the balance is not paid. The deposit is taken off your invoice, leaving only the balance to pay. In the unlikely event of you not winning any lots, the deposit is refunded back to your card or account automatically. The deposit refund is automatic but it may take up to 4 working days to appear back in your account. If you have registered for subsequent sales, the deposit will carry forward to those sales so usually only one deposit is required to bid in multiple sales.

If an invoice remains unpaid past the payment deadline, we will charge the registered card for the full amount of the invoice plus an increased Buyers Premium to cover the extra admin and work involved. Please note that goods will then be placed in to storage and the costs will be the responsibility of the buyer. We will email the buyer to inform them that we have charged their card and ask them to confirm the charge and their address so that the goods can be dispatched. They will not be shipped until we have this email for security reasons.

Goods are picked, packed and shipped in the order that payments are received.
For Example:
Auction day Monday
Invoices sent Tuesday
Payment received Tuesday evening
Goods packed and shipped Tuesday / Wednesday
Items arrive Wednesday / Thursday

Any delays in payments will usually result in further delays in shipping. Our staff prioritize those who pay on time! During busy periods, these timescales may be delayed.

All items are sold by default without warranty. However some items may have a manufacturer warranty or may come with a supplier warranty. As most items are ’’new’’ or grade A, faults are very, very rare. In the case of a supplier warranty, the item will have to returned in the original packaging and complete with all original accessories. Haddon & James will then arrange for replacement/ repair/ refund through the supplier. Most but not all electrical items will have some form of warranty but this may be less or same as the original supplier warranty. Please see our product grading for fuller explanation of the condition of items. Haddon& James sell mainly new or Grade A items that are a result of stock clearance, liquidation, seizure, bankruptcy, surplus, packaging error or similar. We do not accept many items classed as Customer Returns as there are many auctioneers who deal with this grade of item. Items developing a fault are actually very rare. Please note that all sales are ‘’Wholesale’’ not ‘’Retail’’  

The nature of our business is clearance of stocks. Sometimes we may have only a few dozen of an item to sell, but sometimes it may be hundreds or usually thousands. We will continue selling them until they are gone. But once they’re gone they’re usually gone for good! Occasionally we may oversell an item when the stock runs out. If this happens we’ll try to offer a similar item or a refund.  

The Hammer Price- this is how much you bid
Plus The Buyers’ Premium ( BP) This is usually 21%
Plus The internet service charge. This is variable on different platforms and zero on our bidding App.
Plus VAT on the above (some lots do not have vat on the Hammer Price)
For late payers that we have to chase the Buyers’ Premium is increased to 25%

See: https://haddonandjames.co.uk/pages/final-price-calculator

We will usually suspend a bidding account if we suspect fraudulent activity or if the bidder has not completed on previous transactions – usually unpaid invoices. We will share information about non- payers – (there a few!) with other auctioneers and will take note of their comments about rogue buyers if applicable. Please contact us – invoices@haddonandjames.co.uk if you think we have blocked you in error.

Yes of course we would love to see you but please be aware that it does get busy so you may have to wait. Please be aware that sometimes items are sold off site and may not be available immediately on the premises. All items are subject to availability and sometimes we sell items faster than they are received.

Sometimes we catalogue items in larger quantities for trade buyers or tag whole auctions as suitable for trade or volume buyers. Please read the lot description very carefully. Items catalogued in trade quantities often make a lower price than single items so be warned if you bid for a quantity lot, you will be expected to pay for it. Look for x10, x6,x24 for example – this will be in the FULL description of the lot.

The nature of clearance stocks is that they are fast moving and it is often outside our control how much stock is available at any given time.  We do our best to keep our system up-to-date, but inevitably sometimes stock will be withheld by the Vendor.

We accept:



Click here to use the brand new Haddon & James final price calculator to work out the final auction fees.

Simply enter your bid price and the amount of items to see your final price.

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