What is Auctioneering?

Auctioneering is an art. It has to be practiced, used, defined, re-defined, monitored and improved upon. For generations the Auctioneer was the man (usually, but sometimes a woman) who held the gavel. Holding the gavel came with huge responsibility and a sense of purpose to achieve the seller’s ambition of selling the product/ asset/ chattel/property to the ‘’Best’’ buyer on the day whoever that might be. Nowadays the gavel is electronic and it’s the buyer who is in control more than ever. The job of the auctioneer is now focussed on providing a great lot (item, asset etc), to find the potential buyer and to introduce the two in a way that meets the demands of the seller – to sell his lot.

Today Haddon & James Online Auctioneers focusses on clearing commercial clearance and wholesale stocks of all kinds from Ipads and Televisions to Saucepans and Bird Houses. In a world of continuous improvement and product development, stock that was produced last week, last month, last year has been superseded by a newer version, a changed packaging, a new supplier, even an EC Regulation (think of vacuum cleaners).

Sometimes these items are end of lease or ex demonstrator, but more often just brand new unsold stock that has to be cleared to allow for new stock. There are many sources of business stocks but far fewer quality supplies so our challenge is to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and present the ‘’Best Stock on the Net’’ to the Buyer.

Of course it doesn’t end when the electronic gavel goes down: From there our work really begins in making sure the goods arrive with their new owner as expeditiously as we can. Our Business is now geared to serving the Buyer to ensure a smooth, seamless transaction with regular updates on picking, packing, shipping and delivery. 

Items can be still be viewed every Saturday between 08.30am and 10.30am

Please note - we are not open on Bank Holidays


Where we blend Technology and Tradition

Haddon & James is a family online auction business that celebrated its 25th year in 2017. Many of our colleagues have worked in the business for 20 years or more and many of our customers buy from us almost every week.

Having moved our sales entirely online through our partners at Ibidder and through our own website and app, we have found a whole new marketplace for our skills and expertise. We still accept limited personal consignments and some Police items but most of our sales are dedicated to clearance stocks of mostly brand new or graded commercial stocks. From seized assets to order cancellations and warehouse de-stocking, we have become the choice stock buying site for all kinds of traders to buy from.

Change has been dramatic and new systems have had to evolve in almost all aspects of the business. We remain focussed on our buyers and to develop both the stock they want and the systems to get it to them. Our team is now much bigger and continues to grow as a new generation tackles the modern dilemma of shifting the surplus stock using ever developing technology in a traditional setting. We love the challenge! The excitement of the saleroom may have disappeared but it’s been replaced with a ‘’buzz’’ of positive emotions as we serve more and more customers buying incredible stock at incredibly low prices.

We connect Buyers with Sellers and Sellers with Buyers. Join us when you’re ready to save big and make that leap to the best stock online by Auction.    


Our Story

1992 - St Albans Auction Centre opened in the former Royal Mail Sorting Depot in St Albans. Fortnightly sales included Police items, House Clearance effects, Probates and Private Entries.

1995 - Move to Lattimore Road purpose designed Auction Rooms over two floors with 2 auctions taking place at the same time every Saturday.

1997 - Opening additional warehousing and saleroom in Watford to cater for Heathrow Airport Lost Property sales held monthly. Our longest sale ever started at 9 am Sunday and finished at 1.30 am Monday. Simon Calder’s article (Observer Travel correspondent) featured us as an alternative travel destination.

2003 - Combining Watford and Lattimore Road we moved to Porters Wood Industrial Estate – a former chilled food distribution Centre.

2009 - Live Sales broadcast on the Internet enabling bidding from anywhere in the world. Buyers in dozens of Countries around the globe.

2013 - First Timed Sales of contents of former Hotels, Care Homes and development properties.

2014 - First Commercial Online Auctions of Seized and Surplus business stocks and Assets.

2016 - We moved to entirely timed sales with huge take-up of commercial stocks and consumer goods. Haddon & James Online Auctioneers now focusses on mainly Brand New End of Range, Clearance, Seized, Wholesale, Cancelled, Liquidation and Quality Business Stocks and Assets. Our products range from hand and power tools to perfumes and consumer electronics, toys and jewellery. We regularly clear stocks of all kinds from many different manufacturers and stock holders to sell by Timed Online Auction. Our clients realise the potential of selling their stock in a marketplace that will not impact on their main market. Our Buyers are mainly businesses that like to be in control of their buying decisions, do not want to be restricted to minimum order values and like a fast turn-around and seamless transaction process whilst giving great margin potential to sell-on.                                                                                            


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